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"Mutant turntable/music player"

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MR1200 MP3 player may look like a turntable but it has you fooled in the sense that it is half way between an MP3 player and DJ software and never really chooses sides.

Ok so you can easily drag and drop your MP3 and control your music like with a regular turntable and mixer, setting cue, playing with the pitch, checking the BPM, and adding effects like jog, twist or reverse play.

But if this program is for DJs, how come there isn't a second turntable? What is really the use of a second pitch control? And how can you really make a proper mix if you can't create your playlist?

I found MR1200 confusing more than anything.

  • turntable like interface
  • drag and play
  • can't create a playlist
  • why aren't there 2 turntables?
  • 2 pitch controls!?

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18 Apr 2006

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